Leviticus 16:3 NASB

Aaron shall enter the Holy Place with this: with a [d]bull as a [e]sin offering and a ram as a burnt offering.

Numbers 29:2 NASB

And you shall offer a burnt offering as a soothing aroma to the Lord: one [a]bull, one ram, and seven male lambs one year old without defect

Is the ram mentioned in the above texts one and the same?

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The OP question actually asks about two different ceremonies 10 days apart.

  1. Feast of Trumpets, Num 29:1-6

This was to be held on the first day of the seventh month with a bull and a ram

  1. Day of Atonement, Num 29:7-11, Lev 16

This was to be held in the 10th day of the seventh month with the offering of a bull and a ram plus tow goats (as per Lev 16)

Thus, the offerings on each festival were seperate.

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