Among the King James Version Apocrypha, there is a certain book, called Second Esdras, which is found neither in the Masoretic Text, nor in the Greek Septuagint; its first two and last two chapters are independent sections, called the Fifth and Sixth Books of Ezra, while the middle portion, spanning from the third to the fourteenth chapter, forms what is usually labeled as Fourth Ezra.

My previous question has only generically touched upon the possible internal disunity of 5 Ezra (2 Esdras 1-2), without zooming in on any specific aspect; this one, however, will go into a bit more depth and detail; its perspective, therefore, will be much narrower, and its field of view more focused and restricted.

Thus, upon closer examination, it would seem that Second Esdras' first two chapters consist of two relatively distinct parts:

which inevitably leads me to tentatively formulate the following question:

Are there any peer-reviewed scholarly works, viewing 5 Ezra (2 Esdras 1-2) as consisting of two distinct books ?

which one could alternately rephrase as:

Are there any peer-reviewed scholarly works, suggesting the existence of a Seventh Book of Ezra, within Second Esdras ?

As already stipulated within the previous post, all my Google searches ultimately came up empty; any help in this regard would be deeply appreciated.


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