In 2 Samuel 19, David asks Mephibosheth why he did not join him and Ziba when they fled from Absalom. Ziba claimed that Mephibosheth intended to claim the throne, and Mephibosheth claimed that Ziba had abandoned him. David decided to divide Mephibosheth's property between him and Ziba.

In the same manner, Solomon decided to divide the child between the two mothers. Mephibosheth objected to the division of his property:

"And Mephibosheth said to the king, ´Oh, let him take it all, since my lord the king has come safely home.´" 2 Samuel 19:30 ESV.

In the same manner, when Solomon ordered the child to be divided, the mother objected, asking that the child be given wholly to the other woman.

Are we to see a parallel here, and what does this show us about Christ?

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    Also worth mentioning is the 2 Kings 6:24–33 passage with the two women in a dispute over the remains of one of their children. Sep 15 '21 at 17:58

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