1 Kings 6:1 Hebrew bible: In the four hundred and eightieth year after the Israelites came out of Egypt,

The footnote says that the Septuagint says:

In the four hundred and fortieth year

How do you reconcile the two differences

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    This is one of many hundreds of differences between the Hebrew text and the LXX. There are many more.
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I am not sure it is possible reconcile all the countless differences in the text between the Hebrew and the Greek LXX. In this particular case, there is a common supposition that cannot be proven for 1 Kings 6:1.

  • 480 years in the Hebrew is counted from the the time the Israelites left Egypt
  • 440 yeas of LXX is from the time the Israelites entered the promised land (40 years less than when they left Egypt)

Ellicott appears to agree:

(1) In the fourth year.—This date, given with marked precision, forms a most important epoch in the history of Israel, on which, indeed, much of the received chronology is based. In the LXX., 440 is read for 480, possibly by an interchange of two similar Hebrew letters, or, perhaps, by reckoning from the completion of Exodus at the death of Moses instead of its beginning. The Vulgate agrees with the Hebrew text.

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