1 Cor 14:32 (Revised Version)

and the spirits (πνεύματα) of the prophets (προφητῶν) are subject to the prophets;

What is the meaning of:

  1. spirits of the prophets
  2. subject to the prophets

in this verse?


1 Corinthians 14:

29 Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said. 30And if a revelation comes to someone who is sitting down, the first speaker should stop. 31For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged. 32The spirits of prophets are subject to the control of prophets. 33For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.

Paul did not want disorderly behaviors during the worship service, particularly from the so-called prophets. The prophets should be able to control their spirits to behave orderly.

  • So, a member of the Corinthian church (not the apostles) who had the gift of prophecy was called by the name of prophet. That's interesting.
    – snoopy
    May 1 at 14:58

It means the spirit of the prophets, (those called to be such) are subject to the words of the prophets and what they wrote. In other words they can discern the words of the prophets. They're not operating on dreams and visions every two days?!

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