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When looking deeper to the passage, noticed that between NASB and KJV there's a difference in the amount of cities from the list. The difference is in verse 25.


25 And Hazor, Hadattah, and Kerioth, and Hezron, which is Hazor,


25 Hazor-hadattah, Kerioth-hezron (that is, Hazor),

What's the reason behind this difference?

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How many cities are listed in Joshua 15:25?

Joshua 15:25 New King James Version

Hazor, Hadattah, Kerioth, Hezron (which is Hazor),

Gill considers only two:

According to the Targum, two cities only are here meant, which reads,

 "and Hazorhadattah, and Keriothhezron, which is Hazor"; 

and this reading seems to be right; there were three Hazors in this tribe, one in Joshua 15:23, and two more here, which are distinguished; the first is called Hazorhadattah, or new Hazor;

Keriothhezron is also called Hazor. The newest one is Hazorhadattah.

of which Jerom says (e), there is a village at this day called Asor, in the borders of Ashkelon, to the east of it, which fell to the lot of the tribe of Judah; the Scripture makes mention of it, calling: it new Asor, to distinguish it from the old;

Interestingly Judas Iscariot may have come from Kerioth-hezron.

and Keriothhezron is the same with Hezron, Joshua 15:3; and had also the name of Hezron. From this place Judas Iscariot is thought to have his name, being Ishceriot, a man of Keriot.

Barnes' assessment is similar:

In this verse are the names of two towns only, not of four. Two places bearing the common topographical appellation, Hazor ("enclosure") are here mentioned and distinguished as "Hazor Hadattah" and "Kerioth-Hezron,"

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