When David was old and Adonijah his son proclaimed himself King, Nathan the Prophet rushed to Bathsheba and gave her wisdom to go in to the King and save her life and the life of her son Solomon – and David sware by the Lord that delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, Our GOD, he would make Solomon KING.

In that day, he commanded Benaiah son of Jehoidah, Nathan the Prophet and Zadok the Priest to cause Solomon to ride on his own mule, take him to Gihon and anoint him KING. And Solomon sat on the Throne of His Father David at the tender age of 12.

Tell me, why did God choose Solomon over all the sons of David, not then but on the DAY He was born – remember right after Solomon was born the Bible says The LORD loved him and sent Nathan to give him the name Jedidiah. What might this mean to us today?

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    In order to establish your query, could you please cite the chapter and verses to which you are referring and possibly actually quote the wording so that we can see what we are to analyse. Thank you. Welcome to BH. – Nigel J Jun 14 '20 at 16:31

'Hate' is often/usually used in the sense of 'loved less' as in Jacob/Esau, Rachel & Leah, etc. It's also interesting to see how Jehovah reads hearts in the case of Jacob & Esau Romans 9:11-13. One of them was going to be ancestor to the Messiah. Jehovah was careful of that line of descent.

I thought Solomon became king at around 25. As I understand it Shimei, died about 3 years after Solomon took the throne. Solomon was acting very decisively from the get-go, and I'd be highly surprised if he was only 12. How did you arrive at that age?

My available translations don't mention a promise to Solomon on the day he was born, but Solomon was clearly intended for the throne from before his birth, because God told David that Solomon would build the Temple. Jehovah thus made clear that Solomon (meaning peace) would be the next king. Both God and Jesus Christ can read hearts. David had been a man of (Necessary) wars, and it was fitting for a spiritual man of peace to build the Temple. It also showed that Bathsheba's marriage to David was not cursed in any way.

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