My question is two fold. First where is John getting the idea of water baptism from, since no one had done such a thing before him? Second in the gospel of Mark it says people were confessing thier sins, why, isn't that something only done at the temple when a sacrifice was made?

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    Welcome to BH. Please take the Tour, see below. You will see there that questions need to be focused on a particular text of scripture in order for hermeneutic analysis to be practiced. 'Topics' are off-topic on this site. – Nigel J Jan 2 at 6:35
  • Both ritual baptism and confession of sin are observed in the writings of the Qumran community from the Second Temple period which pre-dates the Gospel of Mark. This may be helpful: uhl.ac/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Baptism.pdf – Scott Schupbach Jan 3 at 0:41

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