There was a related question asked (user3715 asked Mar 17 '14 at 12:31), but it doesn't quite hit my quandary. Are the concepts of eternity in Hebrew and Greek different?

It seems as though God alone is fully eternal in the scriptures, having no beginning and no end <--->. The heavens and the earth have a beginning, at least •--->.

In Hebrew the word for eternity, H5769 olam, can be translated as "vanishing point" sort of like looking out over the horizon at something so far in the distance that it's onclear where or if it stops. •--|-> or •--|-•

I remember hearing it was a Greek mathematician who asserted the possibility of something being endless by constantly dividing a line and the belief that the world always existed was proposed by a Greek (Aristotle?).

I ask because if the Hebrew view of "eternity" allows for there to be an endpoint that's simply invisible to mortals, then that may indicate that the "eternity" after the second coming actually may have an end. •--|----•

Thoughts? Corrections? Implications?

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