There are three main versions of the Book of Daniel : Masoretic, Old Greek, and Theodotion. However, they all read Darius (but allude to Cyrus) in both their sixth and ninth chapters.

Are there any alternate versions or textual variations, lacking this particular name in at least one of these two chapters (except perhaps in the final verse of chapter six, where its presence or absence is irrelevant to my research) ?


Such versions would be mentioned in the BHS. The BHS has no notes to his name in 6:2 and 9:1, so it's safe to assume that such versions do not exist (from my comment).

You can find a copy of the BHS on archive.org. Here is the page with the beginning of Daniel 6:

enter image description here

The note to Darius in 6:1 tells you that in the Old Greek his name is Artaxerxes. To his name in 6:2 there is no note.

Here are the first lines of chapter 9 (from this page):

enter image description here

As you can see, there is no note.

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    Thank you for the relevant and meaningful contribution. To the random reader : The MT verse numbering differs from the KJV, in that 5:31 becomes 6:1, and 6:1 becomes 6:2. – Lucian Jul 30 '19 at 15:42
  • If you're still curious about what prompted me to ask this seemingly banal question in the first place, I have laid out my thoughts in full here. – Lucian Aug 21 '19 at 1:39

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