Leaven appears in the Pentateuch in the following verses among others.

  1. שְׂאֹר (seh·ōre') found in in Ex 12:15; 12:19; 13:7 (ref. H7603)
  2. חָמֵץ (khä·māts') also found in Ex 12:15; 34:25; and Lev 6:171 (H2557)
  3. מַצָּה (mats·tsä') also found in Ex 12:15; and Lev 10:12 (H4682)

All three words appear in the same verse of Ex 12:15. What are the differences between these three words for leaven and their significance in Ex 12:15?

1. MT Lev 6:10

  • Not sure how מצה (matzah) can be construed as "leaven". It means.... matzah (i.e. unleavened bread). – Susan Apr 1 '17 at 19:14
  • yeah... the use of matzah is simply wrong! – Bach Jun 2 '17 at 4:19

I don't think these are three different words for leaven:

  • שְׂאֹר is the word for "leaven" itself (i.e. yeast)

  • חָמֵץ is the word used for leavened bread

  • מַצָּה is the word used for unleavened bread

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