NWT of John 1:1

Jehovah's Witnesses big God and little god. The watchtower, in an effort to remove any threat of the Bible teaching the deity of Christ, has ended up in an even worse situation after tampering with this verse. Polytheism is now introduced into its theology, something which time and time again the Bible forbids (Is. 43:10; 44:6, 8; 45:21-23). We may ask: "If Jesus is 'a god' why don't you worship him? What are gods for?" Ans: "To be worshipped. If Jehovah made made this god (Jesus) then he must be a true god (and approved). Therefore, he can't be false, it must be right to worship him. So why must he not allowed to worshipped? How do you feel about a god you are not allowed to worship?" The outcome is obvious. Jesus Christ can never, ever be a god. DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THE WATCHTOWER [lie] SAYS ABOUT JOHN 1:1?

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  • That is what WTS says but it is not true! Is there any other verse in the entire NT where θεός/Theos" means "godlike or divine?" If John had wanted to say "godlike" or "divine" there are three words based on Theos, which occur in the NT, that he could have used, θεῖος/Theios, Acts 17:29; θειότης/theiotēs, Rom 1:20; θεότης/theotēs, Col 2:9. John used the word θεός/Theos" 257 times in this writings. When John wrote θεός/Theos", that is what he meant. – Thomas Dickensheets Feb 21 '17 at 1:10
  • We have already established that there is ONE TRUE GOD by nature. Now we ask the Jehovah's Witnesses the key question -- Is Jesus a true god or a false god? They will have to admit that Jesus is a true god. This forces them to believe in more than one true god! You can't believe in two true gods as the J.W.'s do and still be a Christian and a Bible believer! This is a real dilemma for Jehovah's Witnesses. I remember presenting this concept to one Jehovah's Witness. I then asked, "how many gods do Jehovah's Witnesses believe in?" – Thomas Dickensheets Feb 21 '17 at 1:12

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