In the book of Psalms chapter 46 Countdown 46 words from the beginning of this psalm and you will find the word "Shake." Count up 46 words from the end of this psalm and you will find the word "Spear." Thus, 46 words down added to 46 words up in the 46th psalm will give the name "Shakespeare".

Question- What year did the first edition of the King James Bible published?

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The King James Bible or "Authorised Version" was first published in 1611. Translation began in 1604.

Your observation about Psalm 46 appears in the book "The Shakespeare Code" by Virginia M Andrews , published in 2006.

The author states that Shakespeare was part of the translation committee for KJB , and left clues of this;

However she also states Shakespeare didn't write 'The Plays' , her main 'suspect' being the Earl of Oxford, who was educated to the appropriate standard, and was in the right places at the right times.

  • We are only man and not perfect and yes we must admit there is a lot of the Bible that has been edited and left out. There is enough truth left though. – user5434678 Apr 5 '16 at 20:35

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