In the Christian bible, in John 10:34 Yeshua is quoted:

In answer, Yeshua said,
"Is there not a saying in your Torah,
I have said, 'You people are Elohim [the gods]'"?

What is the chapter and verse Yeshua refers to, or what is the context?


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The phrase in question is not in the Torah proper, but from Psalm 82, as the comment says. Elohim has many meanings in Tanach, from one of the Divine Names to "judges","rulers","godlike beings"(JPS translation of 82:6) or as Chabad has, "angelic beings". Chabad also translates "b'nei Elyon" as "angels of the Most High", instead of the more common "sons of the Most High".

  • bnei means sons.
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