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comment What portions of the New Testament are purported to have originally been written in Aramaic?
I'm not aware of any significant portion of the New Testament to have been written in Aramaic, but a sizable chunk of the Book of Daniel is (for literary and stylistic purposes).
comment Are there any rules on which things in Revelation must be interpreted literally and which symbolically?
Which part would you like more objective evidence for? Being consistent in interpretation, or letting the Bible interpret the Bible? I can't provide "evidence" for the need for consistency, but the hermeneutic I mentioned that I personally use is one that is fairly well known and encouraged by several large and well-known ministries (YWAM and IHOP-KC, for example). As for letting the Bible interpret the Bible, the Bible itself does this: Jesus says He fulfills the Law and the Prophets, and constantly quotes Psalms and the Prophets. Paul also quotes the Old Testament in his letters.