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comment In John 21:7, is Peter naked, and does he put on a coat before diving into the water?
“An exuberant goober” is probably the best description of Peter that I've ever heard. It seems clear from context that whatever his literal state of dress, Peter was apparently OK with it around his friends (and, presumably, vice versa), but not around Jesus. But putting on clothes before swimming it still delightfully bizarre, and I think the intent is clear -- exuberance over thought. The others say “Yeah, we're just gonna take the boat, it’s not that far.”
comment What was Eve's role in relation to Adam?
That still sounds like Eve's purpose in life is to help Adam. Or is "opposite" interpreted as "complement"? I guess another (related) question is whether we get any other sense of "partnership" vs "helper" between them. I'm not aware of any, and the story moves beyond their "relationship" fairly quickly.
comment Which 'modern' English translation of the Bible is considered the 'closest' or most accurate translation?
Why start with King James rather than the Geneva Bible?