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I am a husband of one, a father of boys, and a member of the catholic body of Christ.

comment Ecclesiastes 11:1-2 Puzzlement
@BlessedGeek Of course :) Just as the little yeasties eat the sugars and turn the "bread water" into a glorified drink that gladdens and gives rest to the heart of man (which is a picture of the Sabbath rest so often spoken of in scripture) so Christians eat the world and transform it from glory to glory, from bread to wine (so to speak). We transform it literally by eating plants which are little machines that turn the world into food, and also by continuing to carry out the cultural mandate from Genesis 1, transforming the earth after the pattern shown in heaven.
comment Is there any significance behind Jesus' use of the word “love” in “John 21:15-17”
Jesus' use of phileō for the third questioning causes Peter grief - that is, "because Jesus said the third time, 'Do you φιλεῖς me?'". It doesn't seem to be an acceptance, but rather a deeper questioning - "Do you even φιλεῖς me, Peter?"
comment David and Goliath: David's Reasons For Fighting
@MonicaCellio Yes, interesting. As far as I can tell, he never does claim it. The daughter he gets from Saul doesn't come as a result of this battle. He pays her bride-price himself with the foreskins of the Philistines.
comment What does “invoke the name of the LORD” mean in Genesis?
@JackDouglas Thank you. I've removed the obsolete link.
comment What does “invoke the name of the LORD” mean in Genesis?
Thank you, Jon. The edit is just fine.