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If my first boss, Andy Johnson-Laird, hadn't rung Bill to back out of writing The Programmer's Guide to MS-DOS, I was the guy getting the code credits. Sigh.

Since making the move from hacking to hawking, I've climbed the corporate greasy pole, raised sums from loose change to a billion dollars (boy, was that a bubble!) and co-founded product, service and professional service businesses. My deepest technical expertise is in value propositions, and especially how to use pricing effectively (to make money, to wrongfoot competitors, to test new markets).

I run one of the leading accelerator programmes in the UK, focused on cleantech, digital and life science businesses. If you're in Nottingham, come and see me at one of my weekly startup surgeries at Antenna, BioCity and Nottingham Cleantech Centre.

(I'm also an ordained minister in the Church of England, which is why I sometimes call myself an ordained entrepreneur. I thought I'd coined that term, but someone beat me to it. Drat.)

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