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comment When Jesus says “your sins are forgiven”, how is that reconciled with the sacrificial system established in the old testament?
In regards to needing sacrifice for forgiveness, what about Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." Surely if sacrifice is not necessary, then Jesus did not need to die? I'm contemplating asking another question to address this.
comment How can an evil spirit come from God?
Thanks @Susan for editing. This is fine.
comment Why does Genesis 10:5 say their tongues were divided, when Genesis11:1 says “And the whole earth was of one language, and one speech”?
I wondered this exact thing a couple of months ago, but didn't know about at the time. Curious to know the answer.
comment Plants created before the sun?
The verse I've referenced indicates that God could be viable replacement as a light source. The sun is not a spiritual light and it is referenced in the same verse. When considering the source of light in Genesis 1:3, we know that there are very few physical options as far as light sources go. Either God, the earth, or another light source that he created before the sun was made. This answer (and the verse I've referenced) indicates that of those three, God himself is a possibility.
comment Plants created before the sun?
How can "let there be light" be taken figuratively?
comment Plants created before the sun?
I don't have a verse to back this up hence no answer but isn't there a verse that mentions that God is the light in heaven? if God radiates light then there was light just not from the sun until day four.
comment Is the use of the smallest possible example meant to indicate a complete absence of faith in Jesus sayings related to mustard seeds?
I think the mustard seed image is used to indicate how every small individual's contribution to the kingdom can be used by God in a big way.