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I'm an Orthodox Christian, a gamer, a reader, a writer.

I'm married and have one cat. As soon as we move, I see several dogs in my future.

I love learning. I love biblical studies and foreign languages and many other things that hold my attention for brief spans of time.

This is the Biblical Hermeneutics specific section of my bio: As stated above, I am an Orthodox Christian and so I approach (insofar as I am able) the study of the Scriptures from that vantage. I don't believe biblical studies can be done in a vacuum and so I do not even attempt to do so.

Among other things that means: 1.) I read the Scriptures christologically. 2.) I prefer the Septuagint reading above Masoretic readings. 3.) I interpret the Scriptures in line with the Tradition of the Orthodox Church as far as I may. This has many similarities to what is known as "historical theology" but does diverge widely from other flavors of Christianity that claim the same things.

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