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As of December 2013, I am looking to depart from my self-owned consultancy and go to work at an exciting, growing business that has truckloads of fun problems to solve.

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I'm a generalist Systems Administrator. I design and implement systems that rely on Linux and Windows servers, wired and wireless networks, storage of all types, and insert_buzzword(); I like Chef and Ruby, but long walks on the beach get sand in my shoes and that's not okay.

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Gmail / GTalk: Nonapeptide@gmail.com.
Twitter: @Nonapeptide


My Gravatar is from Troy Snow's photography. Check him out at his Flickr page and tell him I sent you: http://www.flickr.com/photos/troysnow/ . Even though we tend to use the same goofy kitten face as an avatar, we are not the same person and have no affiliation. Other than good taste in avatars, anyway.


comment Who did Cain marry?
The correct name for the ministry is "Answers In Genesis" =)
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comment Who did Cain marry?
As to the topic of genetic problems associated with inbreeding, 200+ generations ago that would have been less of an issue. It also depends on a person's acceptance of the Biblical flood. Was it worldwide? How many people were killed? If all but one family was involved, suddenly the gene pool is drastically reduced. Lifespans are suddenly recorded as being much shorter. Etc. Now we need laws to prohibit close family marriages.
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