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For hermeneutics.stackexchange.com my background is:

  • Spent the first 20 years of my life in a semi-rural Baptist church
  • At uni became quite active in the evangelical campus group, at that time I moved to a Sydney Anglican church for 2 years before I moved to Canberra
  • Since then (7 or 8 years) I have been quite active in my local Anglican Church
  • I started a Bachelor of Theology part time in 2009 and now (2012) am just over half way through

comment Can we tell from the text who wrote Hebrews?
Hi Jack, I didn't have the direct Origen quote at hand, I was using what Robertson said (owww.studylight.org/com/rwp/view.cgi?bk=57&ch=0&vs=0-0] ): "Origen bluntly wrote: “Who wrote the Epistle God only knows certainly” as quoted by Eusebius. Origen held that the thoughts were Paul‘s while Clement of Rome or Luke may have written the book." The original quote from Lance is a good one and sheds way more light on what Origen thought than "God only knows, maybe Paul or Luke"