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I am a Christian, who decided some years ago that in order to better understand the Bible it was necessary to not just read but to study the Bible.

I have no formal education other than High school, from which I graduated in 1957.

At the age of 13 I accepted Crist as my Savior, and have never doubted that his sacrifice on the cross allowed me entry to Heaven.

For the last decade my goal has been to connect all scriptures that refer to a particular subject together, in order to ascertain what God is trying to tell me.

In my search I have concluded that God wishes to reveal different things to whomever is the reader, and that no two persons will elicit the same meaning from Scripture, but God will tailor our understanding to our specific needs at that particular time.

To even suggest that I fully or even partly understand all of scripture would be egotistical of me; and if there is any one thing I've learned from Scripture it is that God hates pride.

Any answers I may give to any questions are derived from my understanding of the Scriptures, and in no way do I wish that anyone should consider them as definitive; and highly recommend that everyone consult the scriptures themselves to ascertain what they say.

It is the job of the Holy Spirit to give understanding to each of us, and therefore it is incumbent on us; that we seek his tutelage, in prayer, any time we consult scripture.

I am not a fundamentalist even though I do believe that the Bible does give guidance for all of life's situations.

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