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comment How Could Abraham receive Canaan as “an everlasting possession”, as promised in Genesis 17:8?
Could you expand on why you think this passage requires a concept of resurrection or afterlife? On a plain reading it seems only to guarantee to Abraham that his line of descendants won't die out.
comment What is meant in 1 Peter 3:21 when it says “baptism now saves you”
Sanders devotes 9 pages of Judaism: Practice and Belief 63BCE-66CE to ceremonial washing, and observes that it was a subject on which there was (broadly speaking) unanimity among all groups of Palestinian Jews (not just Essenes and Pharisees), who practised purification by full immersion. Diaspora Jews seem mostly to have washed e.g. hands and feet rather than to have immersed themselves fully.
comment Does Peter suggest Jesus “descended into hell”?
It's not an appendix to Grudem's Systematic Theology but section C.2.f. of chapter 27, Atonement.
comment What is the baptism of fire?
Would redundancy surprise you? It's pretty typical in Biblical texts to double up an idea for rhetorical impact and/or ease of transmission in an oral culture.
comment Accurate translations of original scripts/text
@JonEricson, it's really hard to translate something ambiguous while keeping the same scope of ambiguity. Occasionally you get words which form convenient parallels (telos vs end comes to mind), but that's the exception rather than the rule.
comment Why did John take Mary, who was married, into his home?
@Ryan, surely cousins would be closer relatives than John and hence would by default inherit the responsibility if Jesus had no brothers or brothers-in-law? So either way the delegation to John is unusual, and hence it lacks evidential value in interpreting Mk 6:3, etc. It's also worth noting that legal adoption would have been a familiar concept, at least from Roman practice, although I don't know whether we have any sources for the opinion of Palestinian Jews on the subject.
comment Question about translation of Romans 4:9
From memory, and someone else may be able to cite an authority on this, the NVI uses the same interpretative decisions as the NIV in matters of textual criticism and polysemy, but is otherwise a translation from the original languages to Spanish.
comment What does “born again” from John 3:3 mean?
Is reveneration a typo for regeneration or renovation? I presume the former, but the latter would also fit well.