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comment Impact of order of letters to the Thessalonians
@ Jon Ericson - Thanks for the reference, there is not a lot of info on that point of view!
comment Is there an English equivalent for Nephilim of Genesis 6:4?
@BobJones - They may have been alive still at the time of Gen 6:4, but they were clearly not alive for the reference in Num 13:33. For the Gen passage to be refering to Adam, Eve and Cain in the context doesn't read smoothly for me. I suppose there could be a sense that they were alive when the "Sons of God" were marrying the daughters of men. I have always read it to say that the Nephilim were being equated with the "sons of God" which wouldn't make sense with Eve in the group. thanks for asking.
comment What does “Jealous” mean in Exodus 34:14?
The KJV and NKJV do use Zealous in verse 13, The NASB and ESV use Jealous in the same place. The meaning is a nuance I think and I see your point, perhaps my language was more black and white than I intended it to be.
comment “Until they see the kingdom of God” in Luke 9:27 and parallels
The Kingdom of God is often used to refer to the Church as established by Peter on the day of Pentecost after the death of Christ. It is more inclusive of the group that is standing there when this teaching is taking place and also fits in with the fact that some will die before the ushering in of the Kingdom with the Holy Spirit being sent upon those in the upper room and then Peter preaches his sermon in Acts 2.
comment Does the Bible mention unicorns?
From my discussions with translators of ancient languages I have learned that Animal names and varieties of plants are the most difficult words to translate. For example - what does gopher wood refer to in the Genesis account of Noah's Ark. The lack of context and the small number of times they occur in literature make them the most complex. Hopefully a Hebrew scholar can step in to confirm this.
comment What's wrong with cooking a kid in its mother's milk?
RJ Rushdoony in his Institutes of Biblical Law vol 1 Pg 300 says "The Ras Shamra tablets indicate that such seething was a Canaanite sacred ritual. It would appear that the fertility cults believed that they could either stimulate or destroy fertility at will, since it was under their control."