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comment Was the tower of Babel a ziggurat?
That's not the simplest possible interpretation: that's applying a modern pattern to an ancient story. The simplest possible interpretation is that the event actually happened as described in the story. If you can show that it follows some pattern of discourse that was in common use in the days of the original author, then we may glean some clues from looking at those patterns, but until then....
comment Why does Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?
In Mark 8:14-21 there is a clear textual indication that the yeast and bread are metaphors: "leaven of the Pharisees" makes the metaphoric interpretation the only logical one. What textual indication do you have that the swords of Luke 22:36 are metaphorical? I see none, and I instead see a very clear indication they are not: the disciples are clearly pointing to literal swords, and Jesus' reply that they are sufficient confirms quite clearly that he was, in fact, referring to physical, literal swords.