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Professional packet pusher / network engineer, python & linux addict

Interests: BBQ-ing pork, Denver Broncos, living the Christian faith, and spending time with my family. Random stuff:

I serve as a Pro-Tem ♦ for NetworkEngineering. If you have any questions about moderation, feel free to ping me in the Network Engineering chat room, or ask on Meta Network Engineering. For everything else, don't hesitate to email me: mike [at] pennington {dot} net.

comment Who named the wrong priest in Mark 2:26?
+1 for quote, 'I can tell you that this “domino view of doctrine” is altogether too prevalent and has been the ruin of a great many evangelical doctoral students.' From personal experience, I likewise know several atheists who were at one time Christian. When you dig into why they gave up, they cite the issues like this associated with (perhaps misunderstandings of) inerrancy