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comment Earliest attestation to Luke's gospel
Does not Acts 1:1-2 count?
comment What is the significance of the angel being on the right side of the altar of incense in Luke 1:11?
@paul-vargas True, but judging from the reactions recorded in the bible of those who have had angelic visitations, the angels don't seem to lack authority or honour. A bit of extra honour by appearing to the right of the alter would hardly seem necessary.
comment Who is “The Son” in Hebrews chapter 1: 8 ? Is He God in the strictest sense of the word, or a created being?
One way to resolve these translational questions is to just look up the list of translators, and (if they are still alive) simply write them a letter and politely ask them why they translated a passage a certain way. Unfortunately, the NWT translators were too "humble" to put their name to their translation.
comment How would Elisha plowing with 12 oxen have been understood at the time of writing?
Updated to clarify my intentions. I was trying to discourage the sort of vague answers that go on about the significance of the number 12 and drawing conclusions thereupon based on the connections that seem to only be well-defined in their own mind...
comment What does “likewise” connect to in Romans 8:26?
I've read and reread your answer a few times. But I'm still not clear what you mean. Are you saying that, given our groaning in anticipation of adoption and/or the creation groaning in childbirth, this is "in the same way as" the intercessory groaning of the Spirit on our behalf?
comment Does the Greek verb ὑπακούω generally imply faith?
I've read that a few times and I can't grasp what you are asking.
comment Meaning of N .. N+1 pattern in Amos, Proverbs, Job and Psalms
I was wondering if a similar question had been asked before, but SE didn't suggest that question as I was entering this one. I think the questions are sufficiently different, but I will defer to more experienced BH members...
comment Why did Elisha rebuke Gehazi for things he did not accept from Naaman?
In v5, we read that Naaman only took with him money (gold and silver) and clothes, so I don't see how Elisha could have refused the other gifts if Naaman didn't even bring them (and how could he bring an olive orchard with him?)
comment How would Elisha plowing with 12 oxen have been understood at the time of writing?
@Soldarnal I mean how the people of the time would have understood it. Would they have just thought "he's from a rich family", or are there other connotations. Perhaps plowing with 12 yoke of oxen was today's equivalent of extreme tractor racing or something?
comment How sure can we be that Archippus was a church leader?
Thanks Frank. I wasn't sure if there was some specialised extension to markdown for verse references, maybe so it points somewhere sensible. And I wasn't sure which version to use if I included the verses. I tend to use ESV. Never used NASB before (I'm not American :-) - also, I fulfil things, not fulfill things - but that's just getting pedantic).