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My name is Jonathan Sampson; I'm a full-stack web developer located near Atlanta, Georgia, United States. By day I serve as the Director of Quality & Innovation for appendTo, a team of front-end revolutionaries who are actively changing the web through their genius creativity, and furious bear-like passion.

I'm a huge advocate of community, and open-source software. I had the great honor of being a community moderator on Stack Overflow from February 2010 to March 2013. Additionally, I try to give back when and where I can through GitHub.

I have been attempting a weekly course online for all who are interested in learning Web Development. So far it's been focused on HTML5, CSS 2.1 and Twitter Bootstrap. I have plans of teaching jQuery and JavaScript, as well as PHP.

I'm also available to help with open-web issues and cross-browser compatibility via the userAgents program, organized by Microsoft. Reach out to me (or any of my fellow "agents") on twitter by using the hash-tag #ieuseragents.

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