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Pro tem mod on Christianity.SE!

Also, the age is completely wrong. :P

comment What are “the lines”?
My guess: lines of descent? That doesn't explain the psalmist's description of them though, which is why I'm relegating this to a comment.
comment Is the NLT's version of Romans 13:7 a valid interpretation?
I did not ask if the NLT was better; I asked if their interpretation was valid. As it turns out, your answer deals with the meaning of the passage, not the relevant translations.
comment Is the NLT's version of Romans 13:7 a valid interpretation?
@JackDouglas: Edited to clarify.
comment Why did John write in this seemingly time-bending way?
@Wikis: It seems to me that this is analogous to mentioning Bush, clarifying that this Bush is the one that started the War on Terrorism, telling the story of 9/11, and then telling the story of the start of the war. This makes less sense if you don't already have the historical knowledge. Besides, that Bush is the son of the other President Bush, which is much how Mary is identified as the sister of Lazarus.
comment Does 1st Kings say that pi = 3?
...maybe I should come here more often if no one noticed and fixed the "3.141 4 9..." error for five months! -_-
comment Does the original Hebrew support the NLT of Genesis 6:3?
Yeah, I signed up four months ago just to post this! ;P