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comment Synthesizing Differing Translations of Proverbs 18:24
I actually did a short paper on this verse in seminary. I'll post an answer here in a while... it needs a bit of a rewrite for use here.
comment Translation of κοπιῶντες in Matthew 11:28
Good question Ray. I think the reason the ESV has "who labor" and the NASB "who are weary" instead of "the ones laboring" is because the participle is functioning as a substantive. The substantive use of the participle here is as the subject of the verb translated "come." The continuous aspect of the present tense is not the emphasis here. Literally it could read "Come to me all the ones laboring and [the ones who are] heavy-laden." I'd happily defer to a better grammarian about the function of the tenses here. Κοπιωντες is present, but πεφορτισμένοι is perfect.