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Paul's letter to the church in Rome.
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The book of Ruth tells the story of a Moabite who remains loyal to her Jewish family. Ruth is the grandmother of King David.
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Questions about the offerings commanded in the bible and performed in the temple. There were several types of offerings, some fully consumed on the altar and some not. In addition to certain animals…
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The prophet Samuel, who led Israel before anointing Saul as the first king of Israel.
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In Judaism, an angel acting at God's direction to test or prove somebody; in Christianity, a fallen angel who rebelled against God and reigns over hell.
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The first king of Israel, anointed by the prophet Samuel.
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Latin for *a fuller sense of*. The deeper meaning intended by God but not intended by the human author in Biblical exegesis.
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The Ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament. (Septuagint is often abbreviated as LXX).
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Biblical texts addressing human sexuality.
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The book of the Wisdom of Joshua ben Sira, AKA Wisdom of Sirach, AKA Ecclesiasticus, AKA Siracides.
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a book of love poetry attributed to Solomon. Its inclusion in the canon was controversial; in including it, the rabbis understood it to be speaking allegorically of the relations…
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Analysis for the purpose of dividing a text into its composite sources.
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Questions about the synoptic gospels-Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
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the portable center of worship used by Israel during the 40 years in the desert (and in the land until the temple was built).
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Questions about the temple in Jerusalem -- the first temple (built by Solomon and destroyed by Babylon), the second temple (destroyed by Rome), prophetic visions of the temple, and the temple to be re…
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Questions about the translation, meaning or usage of specific words or phrases in the field of hermeneutics or in the Biblical texts themselves.
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Questions regarding the science of textual criticism which attempts to reconstruct the oldest or original wording of a given text.