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A word or phrase which occurs only once within a context such as the works of an author or a single text.
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The language in which the Jewish Scriptures (Tanakh) -- or the "Old Testament" in Christian Bibles -- were written.
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The Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica) refers to the Jewish Tanakh and/or Christian Old Testament texts. Questions about specific texts should only be tagged with the name of the text. This tag is reserve…
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The book of Hebrews (not the Hebrew language or members of the Hebrew religion). Authorship of the book is disputed.
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The theories and methods of studying a text.
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Investigation of the origin of a particular text and the historical context in which it was created. Sometimes called "higher criticism".
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Questions about the interpretation of a passage in light of the historical context, or about this hermeneutical approach.
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Events in the Bible, the wider cultural background of those events, and the biblical text itself, all have a historical dimension.
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Questions about the book of the prophet Hosea or the prophet himself.
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Questions regarding Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic idioms in the Biblical text and how they should be interpreted in light of the historical cultural or the canonical context.
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Implicit use of one biblical text by another.
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Questions regarding the book of Isaiah and its content or the prophet Isaiah.
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Questions about the family of Jacob (b'nei Yisrael, children of Israel) and/or the biblical nation of Israel.
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Questions about the general epistle of James.
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Questions about the book of Jeremiah or the prophet himself. Jeremiah lived through the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem.
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the central figure of the Christian New Testament.
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The book of Job tells about a man attacked by the satan to try to prove that the man would curse God if his blessings were taken. It didn't work.
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Questions about the minor prophet book of Joel or the prophet. The book contains several last days prophecies.
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The fourth Gospel in the Christian New Testament that is attributed to John the son of Zebedee.
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The book of Jonah, the story of a reluctant prophet who was sent to prophecy against Nineveh and ended up in the belly of a fish when he tried to flee from the job.
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