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Questions investigating a text's meaning by discerning what its author intended it to mean.
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Questions about the authorship of particular parts of the bible.
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Bilaam (or Balaam, depending on translation) was a non-Jewish prophet who was hired by Balak, king of Moav, to curse Israel. See Numbers 22-24.
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a New Testament character known for his encouragement to multiple people, especially Paul and John Mark.
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Questions about different translations/versions of the bible in general.
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The study of how a text came to be placed in a Canon of Scripture. Questions about whether a text should be included in the canon are off-topic here.
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the study of the nature and person of Jesus Christ as documented in the Christian New Testament.
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The timing/ordering of biblical events, which are not always described in sequence. What happened when?
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Questions about Paul's letter to the church in Colossae.
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The immediate literary setting in which a text appears.
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At points the Bible seems to display contradictions in parallel accounts or the understanding of a given concept. Questions with this tag are (usually) seeking a resolution to the (apparent) contradic…
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God's covenants with individuals (e.g. Abraham) and nations (e.g. Israel at Sinai, other nations mentioned in the books of the prophets).
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The creation of the world, described in two accounts in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis.
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Questions regarding the book of Daniel or the prophet. The book has both Aramaic and Hebrew sections and takes place at the beginning of the Babylonian Exile.
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Questions about King David, second king of Israel.
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The collection of hundreds of biblical and related manuscripts found between 1946/7 and 1956. They had been hidden in a variety of caves along the west bank of the Dead Sea (thus the name).
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Questions about what happens when we die. See also [tag:heaven].
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Deborah was a judge and prophet in Israel. Her story is told in the book of Judges.
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The fifth book of the bible and the conclusion of the Torah (five books of Moses). Consists primarily of Moses's final instructions to Israel at the end of the 40 years in the desert. Ends with Mose…
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