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According to Rashi who quotes the Talmud (Menahot 78a), Exodus 29:2 is referring to three different types of מַצׇּה: לֶחֶם מַצּוֹת - Scalded (unleavened) dough (רבוכה) חַלֹּת מַצֹּת - Unleavened loaves רְקִיקֵי מַצּוֹת - Unleavened wafers Moses put equal amounts of oil into all three types of matzah, and ten loaves of each type were brought during the ...


In the Hebrew Bible, a marriage ceremony is never actually described. True...hm...let me edit that...Song of Solomon might be one such description (if very poetic...but still might be or have a description of a wedding). Priests and their attendants (Kohanim and Levites) are responsible for work in the sanctuary, such as sacrifices and offerings, ...

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