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The Greek word is attempting to capture the Hebrew concept of "nefesh". The life force which animates the Body. The Soul is not the Spirit. The Spirt is what God gives.. Each language's word choice gets further from the orginal. By the time we get to English we are many times twice removed.


The so-called "received text" did not come from a compilation of actual Greek manuscripts. It was developed using the English KJV and the Greek Text develop mainly by Erasmus. And Erasmus didn't have many Greek Manuscripts and the ones he was using were over 900 years old.


The Idea in Brief The BHS emendation is not justified. In this regard, the Masoretic Text contains helpful hints in understanding ambiguous words. That is, the Masoretic Text correlates the verb in Gen 8:10 and Gen 8:12, but with a different verb. Based on these Masoretic tips (discussed in the next section), the best reading of this verse would appear as ...


The LXX Reading I do not have access to every possible LXX reading, but what I do have access to is interesting. Their readings of the section in question are as follows (with my as literal word for word as possible translations and bolding paralleling Greek/English words): A. Rahlf's: n/a (verse is not in it) H. B. Swete's n/a (verse is not in ...

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