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Manuscript Evidence As far as manuscript evidence goes, Metzger offers the following: πύθωνα appears in P74 א A B C* D* 81 326 1837 vg arm πύθωνος appears in P45 C3 D2 E H L P most minuscules it syr He prefers πύθωνα on what he sees as the harder reading.1 Translation and Meaning Fitzmyer renders the former, being in the accusative, literally as "a ...


I would say this text was probably not changed. This is not a generally accepted interpolation or alteration, nor a Western omission. The United Bible Societies, 4th Edition, 1993 (UBS4) accepts the text as is. One argument for non-inclusion of the trinitarian baptismal formula is that the disciples never seem to have used it, and so apparently did not ...

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