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24 elders I believe was selected from the multitude of captives by death bit raised from the dead at the resurrection of Christ see: Matt.27: 52,53 and taken up to heaven at His (Christ) ascension also see : Eph. 4:8 Is a.26:19 (fist fruits) they have been redeemed from the earth see: rev.5:8-10 God bless feed back pleasures in Him Anthony


Sodom means wicked Egypt means place Wicked place


Short Answer: No. You are equating Rev. 9:14 "... Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates," as being literal Babylon. Literal Babylon was destroyed as a dynasty by the Medes/Persians under Darius the Mede(Dan. 5:31). They went through a gradual decline to the point where they were a mere village during Roman times. If you ...

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