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Another example why English translation Bibles (like the KJV) cannot be trusted. קח בגדו take his garment כי ערב זר that makes strange/alien promises/pledges ובעד and (who) consequently נכריה חבלהו foreign-female is his bondage Meaning: Someone who makes unusual (perhaps not being able to fulfill them) promises and whose consequence is bondage to ...


The Hebrew word rendered in Proverbs 25:2 as "conceal", is "sathar" (Strong's H5641). It occurs 80 times in the Old Testament (NASB), and of those 80 occurrences, 32 are directly related to "hiding one's face", especially God "hiding his face" from his people. Reading through these occurrences, the sense I get of the word is something like, "to make one's ...

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