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Seems to me Paul is referring to common morality, as we would think of it today. But, he was aiming at exposing false religion. There was much religious activity then (as now), but apart from Christ, no one can meet God's standard of righteousnes, holiness.


OP's interest in quantifying Paul's (or, if you like, the NT's Pauline tradition) most frequently used designations for "Christians" makes for a challenging question, and one that would take a long time to deal with definitively. Here is my best shot. Methodology: I have tabulated the figures for the thirteen NT letters in the "Pauline tradition", using the ...


I feel Liam really answered this, however I would like to show some of the foundational concepts that help support his answer. As Liam points out there are the two systems the "Faith Based System" and the "Law of Moses". These two systems are explained in Galatians under the terms Spirit and Flesh. Paul starts by explaining about trusting in the ...

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