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I'd say it's likely the Biblical writers overlooked the bronze/copper taken by the Israelites as they left Egypt. Their point might have been to show the plunder of more valuable goods.


While it is unclear whether a nomadic people would have the means to mine, smelt, and smith metals sufficient to the needs mentioned in Exodus and Numbers, the Israelites may have accessed such technology and materials through their Midian and Kenite relations who lived nearby. Both groups were known for their mining and metalworking skills.[1] The ...


Egyptian copper mines were in full production and bronze articles existed in abundance. If, as in accordance with God's directive, the people plundered Egypt (justified because it was the fruit of their slave labor), it is highly likely they carried plenty of bronze to use for purposes of fashioning the serpent.


It is not known for certain whether the Cushite woman and Zipporah are one and the same. Some Rabbinic commentators, including Rashi, point out that this wife is mentioned nowhere else in the Torah. Therefore, the Cushite woman from Numbers 12:1 must be referring to Zipporah. Other commentators cite the Chronicles of Moses, which is an early Midrashic ...

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