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In Hebrew, the first "Lord" is Yahweh (God's name), and the second "Lord" really means Lord. So the text is "Yahweh said to my Lord." The way Peter uses the words in Acts 2:34 seems to indicate that the second Lord is the Messiah. This is also corroborated by Matthew 22:42-45.


The Idea in Brief In both passages (in Deuteronomy and Romans) the "Word of God" is what saves man. According to the Christian New Testament, this same "Word of God" was in direct reference to Jesus of Nazareth. Discussion In the Christian New Testament in Romans Chapter 10, the Apostle Paul identifies Jesus of Nazareth within the Torah, where "the ...


The fulfilment of Psalm 69:21 in John 19:28-29 Properly speaking John 19:28 and the 'I thirst' statement of John 19:28 is linked to Ps 69:3 which says: "I am weary with my crying; My throat is dry; My eyes fail while I wait for my God." it is John 19:29 that could be linked to Ps 69:21, the commentator notes: The connection of the Markan Death Story, ...


To be honest there are several possible interpretations most of which are not worth considering, therefore I will only explain the only one that seems best. The nuts and bolts of it are this: In Deut 30 Moses is saying ‘the law clearly spells out how to be righteous and is not too difficult to understand.’ One does not have to do the impossible to get what ...

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