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Jon is right about the punctuation. Since there weren't chapter or verse markings as well, the punctuation needs to be taken in context. Chapter 28 does not introduce a new speaker, so it is a continuation of Job's speech from 27. If it were someone else speaking, it would say so, like it does at the beginning of all the other speeches.


The NIV seems to be a denomination specific translation, they use word play quite often to make it a point to make the Hebrew writings appear to be speaking of Jesus' coming to save mankind and Israel as their saviour. However in this case they seem to have gone well out of their way. Most of the time when read in the NT the usage of the title Lord is in ...


Most English translations use "our righteousness" as you pointed out. The NIV's rendering is a motivated translation. Since they see this verse as a prediction of Christ, they are trying to make that clear to the casual reader. In other words, "Savior" comes from their theology, not the text. Edit per response: The context does lend itself to a ...

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