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The Greek word is ὀλίγαι, the nominative case, plural number, feminine gender declension of the adjective ὀλίγος. (It is declined in the feminine gender because it modifies the noun ψυχαί which is naturally declined in the feminine gender.) It is translated as "few" 14 times in the King James Version. BDAG (p. 703) defines it as, ὀλίγος, η, ον ...


I don't think it is a html question! Genesis is built up by the 'toledot' form. With Gen. 37:2 starts the toledot of Jacob. So, I think Gen 37:1 belongs to the toledot of Esau, Gen. 36. I'm studying the life and significance of Esau in Scripture and I discovered that Gen. 36 tells the history of the natural human (in contrast to the spiritual human). The end ...

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