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Faber Stapulensis (Lefevre d'Etaples) and Bullinger, in their respective commentaries, both point out the discrepancy. Bullinger goes into some detail and concludes that there must have been two censuses. Calvin likely read both, but goes into greater detail than either.


The word "sword " means division, meaning Jesus came to divide light from darkness as it was done in Genesis 1.Anyone who takes Jesus Christ as His Lord and personal Saviour will not be accepted by those who are in darkness,in the family,community and even the love once. And when that happen it bring division,that is when a son will turn against his father ...


The mystery Paul referred to must be the Gospel of The Kingdom of God, that the Kingdom of God is coming to this world. It was indeed kept hidden for generations (even Israel only received bits of hints via the prophets). Moreover, the saints (i.e. chosen race/people, verse 26) was supposed to be exclusive to the Jew, at that time. Hence, the concept of ...


the sword base shape is a wedge. Jesus is a wedge between good and evil, a wedge between christion and non christions. analize todays sword, the tip, the cross section. you will find a wedge. we think of the sword as a wepon, and it is. Jesus is our, the christians, wepon aginst non belivers. w## en I say Jesus I refer to the Bible.


It seems that most of the commentaries take "at home" to mean Peter's home from Mark 1:29, which seems to have functioned as the base for Jesus' ministry in Capernaum. While both follow this majority opinion, J. Marcus allows that "en oikō̧" could simply mean "in a house" and R. Stein states the possibility that it is Jesus' own home. However, given that the ...

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