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What is important to understand is that the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate in conjunction with the human spirit(pneuma). Paul is not suggesting he is merely praying with his own intellect, or his own 'spirit'; rather, when one operates in the gifts of the Spirit one must understand the Context one is operating in. Before we delve into Chapter 14, which ...


The key is verse 14 For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. εαν γαρ προσευχωμαι γλωσση το πνευμα μου προσευχεται ο δε νους μου ακαρπος εστιν The spirit in question is the human spirit (πνευμα μου, my spirit) as distinguished from the human mind (νους μου, my mind). If one prays in an unknown tongue, they are praying ...


For your paper.... All early Christians had: 1) Mono-theism (Trinity) 2) An afterlife ( Slaves gravitated to this ) 3) Organized attendance

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