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The theologian was right, at least on this point. As far as we know*, Paul did only quote from the LXX, not from the Hebrew texts. This may have been because as a diaspora Jew he was not sufficiently familiar with the Hebrew language (in spite of Acts 22:3) or so that his gentile converts could read his sources in Greek. Christopher D. Stanley says in As it ...


The Greek word in both of those passages is "εὐσέβεια", or "reverence towards the gods or parents" (LSJ). Its primary root, "σέβομαι", connotes a sense of awe or dread of a greater power; the "εὐ" prefix appears to soften that to just the "good kinds" of awe: not fear and dread, but proper filial piety or "reverence". It is not necessarily always about God; ...

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