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The Textual Witnesses "Joseph" is found in some translations because the Greek word for Joseph (Ἰωσὴφ), is found in the majority of extant manuscripts. The majority text reading is reflected in the "RP Byzantine Majority Text," the two "Textus Receptus," and the "Greek Orthodox" renderings shown in parallel at Biblehub. Verse 33 is this ("Joseph" bolded): ...


I'd agree with @Jonathan Cell comment. Both healing in Luke 5:14 and 8:56 happened in Jewish cities, while the demon incident happened at Gerasenes/Gerasa (cf to Map of Israel). While there are some uncertainty regarding the exact location of the exorcism, between the city of Gadara (larger, and closer to Sea of Galilee) or Gerasa (or Gerasenes or also ...


Faber Stapulensis (Lefevre d'Etaples) and Bullinger, in their respective commentaries, both point out the discrepancy. Bullinger goes into some detail and concludes that there must have been two censuses. Calvin likely read both, but goes into greater detail than either.

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