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Does God really forget our sins? The Bible never says that God will "forget" out sins, rather we are told that God will not remember them. Forgetting is passive; like forgetting where you put the car keys. Forgetting is not done deliberately. However, when God declares that he will "not remember" our sins, that is active. The word "remember" (זָכַר) ...


The issue of interpreting the Revelation is very difficult. A book like Proverbs is relatively straight forward; most readers agree on the genre, how it was intended to be read, and how it was intended to be applied. The same can't be said for the Revelation, because interpretations and applications have varied so radically over the centuries, let alone just ...


As stated in this realted answer: What does Genesis 3:16 literally say? He is saying that the pain during child birth will be greatly multiplied. He is the one that caused the pain to multiply. In the direct Hebrew he says that He will "greatly multiply" pain in conception:


Your question is really about the meaning of the English word “remember”. “Remember” can be the opposite of “forget”, but is also used simply to mean “think about, ponder, bear in mind”. To say that God will “not remember” your sins does not mean that he will forget them, but simply that he will not hold them against you. The usage of “remember” in old and ...

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