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Hosea means "salvation". Moses changed his name to Joshua because it means " Jehovah is salvation". Moses in Numbers 20 when he was told by Jehovah to speak to the rock and water would come out for the Israelites to drink. Forgot that it was Jehovah who gave him the power and instead gave himself (Moses) the glory. And that's why he was not aloud to enter ...


I believe the name change symbolizes a task ahead.I believe like Abraham who's name was changed to align with his future duties,Moses not knowing was led to change the name of Joshua who later led the Israelite's to the promised land instead of Moses.


Although one of the oldest cities in the ancient world, Jericho was not continuously occupied up until Israelite times. Ian Wilson says, in Before the Flood, pages 127-128, that Jericho's Pre-Pottery Neolithic B culture thrived on a mix of agriculture and hunting. Whether or not the neolithic people who lived in Jericho were Semitic people related to the the ...


This is a fun one. I have been in and out of this verse many times and what really shocks me is that the people in Jericho were probably not people at all, but hybrids. "Hybrids of what?" you may ask. You may remember several accounts in the bible referring to so-called "giants". these giants are actually thought to be a mistranslation of the word gigantes ...

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