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I found this in Rashi's Commentary; nor pillar: The pillar of Baal in Samaria of the kings of Israel מַצֵּבָה (matstsebah) is translated "pillar", and the word is used in 32 occurrences. Since Hosea probably prophesied during the time of the Assyrian Dispersion; see here, he would have seen the 'pillar' of Baal which is described in 2 Kings 10:27, ...


In the Book of Hosea, Hosea expresses intense anger because of Israel's worship of other gods. In verse 1:2, Hosea likens the unfaithfulness of Israel to his own wife, Gomer’s later unfaithfulness to him. The following verses are full of this symbolism. Verses 3:1-3 refer to Hosea’s personal relationship, but its meaning is also debated among scholars. ...

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