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With Ancient Hebrew being able to define words by the hieroglyphics used to make the word we can determine the need to render Gods name one way vs. another. God's Name is (יהוה) Yod (י) - Arm and Closed Hand - Work, Throw, Worship Hey (ה) - Man with Arms Raised - Look, Reveal, Breath Vav (ו)[Conjunction Letter] - Tent Peg - Add, Secure, Hook Hey (ה) - Man ...


The Idea in Brief The Masoretic Text does not indicate here the appearance of the consecutive waw with the Hebrew verb יָשַׁב (to dwell) but instead the consecutive waw with the Hebrew verb שׁוּב (to return). This conclusion comes from the marginalia of the Masoretic Text, which is the Massorah Parva. Discussion The Masoretic Text of the verse appears as ...

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