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Summary While several other answers have argued for or against a particular hermeneutic approach, I do not believe that anyone has answered the question "What hermeneutical approaches lead to a literal interpretation of Genesis" As far as I am aware, there are only 3 categories of interpretation: Young Earth Creationism which takes the text as "literal" ...


Answering this requires understanding that the Dynasty of Lower Mesopotamia was: Sargon the Great; Uru-Mush (his second son); then Manes-Tusu (his first son); then Naram-Enzu. In the OT, their names are: Sargon = Ham; Uru-Mush = Cush; Manes/Menes = Mizraim. Whereas Sargon went to Egypt, and then Manes/Menes (Mizraim) re-conquered Egypt in 3100 BC, Uru-Mush ...

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