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As @user2479 mentioned, the same word is used in Daniel 12:3 which can be translated as "the bright ones", "stars of heaven" (meaning angelic hosts), heavenly rulers (Christ and his Bride) or "resurrected people" who retain this quality of "kokabim".


One characteristic of Biblical prophecy (as I understand it) is that it is rarely intended to reveal specific details about future events in advance, but rather to "foreshadow" those events in such a way that future observers will recognize them and say, "Aha! So that's what he was talking about." This is true both in Old & New Testament prophecy and ...


Interesting question. There is another word used for "lift up" in John. In Strong's it is number 142, airo. The lift up in John 12:32 is hypsotho (Strong's number 5312), which connotes exaltation (see also v.34). In the larger context of John 12 I recommend David Flusser's The Sage of Galilee. To paraphrase Flusser, I suggest the following: ...

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